Tonsil Boy

Hi Everyone, So many people, so many things happening in mine and my family's lives. This is to help keep everyone updated on my journey through tonsil cancer. Please excuse poor grammer and spelling. (Weasle has already corrected my grammer twice).Please pass along this site to our friends. Click on "COMMENTS" to read them or to leave a comment.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Saw the Surgeon this week

I saw the surgeon this week and he said that the ulcers in my mouth are healing well. I have to agree with him. My mouth is not as swollen. The extra mucous in my mouth is caused by the ulcers and since they are healing I don’t have to spit as often. I am sleeping for a longer period of time (1 1/2 - 2 hours) because of this. The surgeon also says that I can’t have the PET scan done until the ulcers are healed which is about one month's time. Same goes for the surgical removal of the “port” in my shoulder. The port was placed under my skin for the Chemo to be plugged into. The healing process seems to moving along. I know I feel better this week than last.
Weasle and I did go baby food shopping. We had fun but she was complaining I was buying too many jars. Probably about $6 worth, while she was spending $200 on the rest of the family. My first dollars in food in the last 3 to 4 months and she is holding MY food budget down. The baby foods I've tried so far have burned my tongue or mouth. I am able to swallow very small amounts of water and noodle soup.
Derek Erb is living in France and is going through tonsil cancer also. His was not found as soon as mine and has had to go through several surgeries besides the radiation and chemo. He began about the same time as I did with this process. You can find his blog @ . I wish him all the best and a very speedy recovery.
Thank you all for your support, prayers and comments.
Love to all

Friday, January 20, 2006

Radiation Dr Visit

Hi All,
On Wednesday, I had an appointment with my Radiation Oncologist. She slipped a scope up my nose and down my throat. The swelling in the throat has gone way down and the tonsil is back to normal size and shows no sign of cancer. HORRAY!!!! We won't know for sure until a PET scan is done in about one month's time. Everything seems to be healing normally..... but the mouth, tongue and throat ulcers are still there. I really have not found many liquid things I can swallow that don't burn something in my mouth. Weasle and I are going grocery shopping this evening to try and find some things for me to swallow. Our Friday night social activities have significantly changed! Alan, my boss, suggested baby foods, since these are already pureed and offer lots of flavors. I will keep you updated on what's happening.
In the words of MFL, I will BEAT IT.
Once again, thanks for your prayers, support and comments.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Picture Time

I had lots of requests for an updated picture. As they say, "You asked for it, you got it." Saw a Dr and some nurses yesterday. Besides the lesions and ulcers in my mouth, I now have thrush. Don't babies get that from sucking on nipples?? Now I have 1 more medication to take everyday. In a week when the thursh is cured, my whole mouth should feel better and start healing a little faster.
The chick pea story: When I used to make soups, I would taste the juice that the veggies come in to see if I want to add it to the mix. I tried the chick pea juice the other day and it tasted good. The problem was that the juice burned the sores in my mouth. I need salt free, non- acidic juices to do my sips with. My taste buds are all screwed up. Puddings taste funky, fruit sauces burn, water also burns. I am still trying little sips of whatever I can find.
I will continue to keep you informed on my progress.
Thanks for your prayers, comments and support.
Tonsil Boy

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sunday Update

Good morning, afternoon or evening, depending as to the time you logged on. I am starting to get my voice back!!!! I can talk for a few minutes at a time and then my throat gets sore. Also, during the past couple of days I have begun my learning to swallow process. Basically, I am starting with liquids. I am doing 3 tiny swallows at a time. I find a lot of things burn my mouth including coke and Captain Mo, together or separate, they don't work. Everything seems to taste funny or weird. Weasle laughs, but I have a hankering for chick pea juice. That's the juice chick peas come in. Sounds strange but maybe my body is trying to tell me somthing? I am going to try some today.

People want to know about my eating, or rather my not eating, so here are some answers. No, I don't get hungry. I'm taking in 6 cans of tube feeding per day and I guess that fills me up. When I watch other people eating, I am envious and can't wait till I can eat again. Foods are smelling good to me again. I have lost 36 pounds on this cancer diet, which I wouldn't reccomend to anyone. Prior to the cancer diet I had lost 16 pounds on the Adkins Diet. The Adkins Diet was stongly recommended to me by Leslie Dupree at Bittersfest 2003. I guess she thought I was fat. So total weight in 2.5 years is 52 pounds. I am now wearing a size 36 pants and a size large shirt. I am borrowing shirts from my son, Michael.

As always thanks for your support, prayers and comments.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy New Year!!!

I am sure that 2006 will be much better than 2005. As each week goes by I feel a little stronger. I know that I feel better this week than last. My radiation burns on the outside of my neck have healed. I just have a weird looking suntan. I do a lot of sleeping, tube feedings, hocking and feeding the wood burning stove. What a thrilling day. I am up for about an hour at a time than its nap time again.

What I miss the most is chugging an icy cold bottle of water.

I would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy new year!!!

Thanks to everyones support, it is making this blip in my life to be a little more manageable.
My love to ALL.